Dublin – Ireland

 After 6 month of activity, SINematica releases its first plot lead feature.

The Surf House is a light comedy in which 3 girls accommodate a guest house for surfing beginners and where guests never get to surf, however, ride much better waves with their female instructors.

Delivered in English or subtitled when in French, this series of scripted vignettes were funnier to shoot than the usual all sex scenes that SINematica are known for.

The Surf House is lead by Polish Milf Ania Kinski who really is the woman in charge and is joined by experienced French talents Carollina Cherry and Rachel Adjani as the surf instructors.

The male actors featuring in The Surf House are none other than Czech top performer Kristof Cale, and joined by French Lorenzo Viota and veteran Joss Lescaf who check-in and receive the welcome of the hotel staff, which makes not being able to surf very rewarding.

As a 4 part series, the studio gets the first part out today for members to enjoy. In this episode, both French experienced talents, Carollina Cherry and Rachel Adjani, are surprised making out in the pool as Kristof Cale gets sent his way to meet them right after his check-in for his first surf experience. It turns quickly into a Girl Girl Boy Anal around the pool with the crickets singing.

With part of the production team being in south west of France at a world class surf break and having being in this industry for the last 3 decades it was obvious to use this surf vibe but still ensuring it is a hardcore flick and it was a test to see how the team could manage the whole feature length planning and deliver, they passed has been the feedback so far.

Cast members recalls “My shoot down in Hossegor went fantastic. The director and all the team were great, totally professional and it was a fun ambiance! I have a super memory of my scene, it went smooth and it was a pleasure at the same time” said Ania Kinski.

“The time on location was perfect, in a beautiful environment surrounded by an understanding team. It’s always easier to work in these conditions. That scene with Rachel and Kristof was a real pleasure for sure. I would come back anytime!” comments Carollina Cherry.

To see the first part of The Surf House CLICK HERE

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