Kheper Games Announces Pre-Launch of Party Games for Social Distancing

SEATTLE — Kheper Games has introduced three new party games that will launch in early June. 

“I HATE” is a game that can be played as a drinking game, party game or game for couples. “What If…?” is a game in which players blurt out things you should not do when presented with outrageous scenarios. The third new game is a sequel to Kheper’s best-selling party game, “MORE Extreme Personal Questions,” where the player who offers the most personal answer to an extreme personal question, wins the card.

Besides being useful games to play at parties in the future, they can also be played with a friend or friends over a mobile device, with a video chat or live event.

To see Kheper’s expanded game demo page, click here.

As businesses prepare to reopen, the videos offer quick demonstrations for how to play many of Kheper’s party games while social distancing. 

“As part of always being at the start of consumer trends, we need to realize that the newest trend is stay home and stay safe,” Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said. “We rushed through new games of ours when COVID-19 first started spreading as we have a responsibility and an understanding that it is time to social distance. People need to know how, so we’ve explained how in our website video demo section.”

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