InCrowd Capital invites investors to July Showcase Event.

InCrowd Capital, the only company fully focused on the global investment opportunities within the untapped $105 billion* Sexual Health, Wellness, SexTech and CBD sectors is inviting investors to start looking at these exciting opportunities with their July Showcase Event.

The growing demand in US, China, UK, Japan, and across Europe for the sexual wellness and CBD markets is driving up interest from investors. With the growing awareness about sexual wellness products along with the decrease in the stigma attached to the concept of sex is increasing growth opportunities. Coupling this with the introduction of CBD infused sexual wellness products that are expanding the opportunities even further.

In the US investors are already cashing in, pouring millions into startups like sex toy retailer Unbound and erotic audio platform Dipsea. For the few VCs starting to explore these sectors in Europe, the multi billion dollar sexual wellness industry is proving a comfortable route in. But many investors are still not sure on what investments to make or where to find the right opportunities.

This is where InCrowd Capital comes in to their own. With a team with over 55+ years of experience between them in the adult lifestyle, cannabis and financial industries investors have the knowledge that all investment introductions made have been fully vetted prior to them being connected.

For those looking to take advantage of these untapped sectors, they can register their interest in receiving approved pitch decks as part of the InCrowd Capital’s July Showcase by emailing .

About InCrowd Capital

InCrowd Capital Limited are the first full financial service company to support for the global SexTech and legal Cannabis industries.

We offer a range of services to support those companies looking to enter or expand within these fast growing sectors as well as investors supporting them.

Our Vision

With the lack of support from the mainstream financial services industry, our vision has always been to offer the services that are lacking in these global multi billion pound sectors. To proudly support these companies to grow and expand and turn their ideas in to profitable businesses.

More Than Just Capital Support

When entrepreneurs start working with us we look to offer more than the capital needed, but offer a whole range of support services from business consultancy to analyse the initial project idea through to preparing the pitch deck to introductions to our large and comprehensive industry connections.

Investor Relations

As well as supporting those looking to raise investment, we fully support those investors  who wish to support these companies and projects. With our industry experts ensuring all investment opportunities have been fully verified and risk tested, investors can make informed decisions from the company information offered.

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*$105 billion market made up by the following

Cannabis set to be worth $66.3b by 2025

Global Sexuall Wellness worth $39 billion by 2024—Global