Le Wand Introduces New Brand Ambassador Cameron Glover

LOS ANGELES — In this week’s Rumble & Buzz newsletter, Le Wand announced its new brand ambassador, certified sex educator and business coach Cameron Glover.

Glover is profiled in Le Wand’s digital magazine “Vibin’ on You” feature, where she discusses her career combines her two passions merging to help aspiring sex educators reach their full business.

“So the best way I can describe my work is being a ‘Sex Ed Business Coach’ — meaning I centralize my work more firmly under the business coaching umbrella, but I specialize in working with sexuality professionals and using my background as a certified sex educator to create digital products and launch programs,” she said.

In the interview, Glover also discusses the biggest misconceptions about her work, and shares tips for avoiding the common mistakes that are often made on the way to becoming a sex educator.

To read more about Glover, read the interview here.