Icon Male Streets All-Male Taboo Fantasy 'The Stepfather 5'

MONTREAL — Mile High Media has announce the wholesale release of all-male fauxcest fantasy “The Stepfather 5” from Icon Male and director Chi Chi LaRue following a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Johnny B, Michael Boston, Dillon Diaz, Casey Everett, Mason Lear, Andy Taylor and Jesse Zeppelin fill out the cast. The script is by Taylor Saracen.

The action opens with “Michael and Andy who are two best friends discussing whose stepdad is hotter,” a rep explained. “Is it Jesse, is it Johnny, is it Dillon or is it Mason? It’s a hard choice because all these stepdads are grade-A beef. Some of these stepsons, however, seem to think they can get away with anything, but not when the demanding stepdads take the power back and teach the stepsons a lesson that they won’t soon forget.”

Jon Blitt, VP of Icon Male parent company Mile High Media, praised LaRue’s roster of beefcake.

“Chi Chi LaRue presents the latest installment for popular taboo series ‘The Stepfather,’” he said. “With a talented cast, Chi Chi takes viewers into a world of passionate stepsons giving into their ‘daddy’ obsessions.”

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