Press Release – New Mexico U.S.A

Magnum Rings penis enlargement system is opening its doors to new distribution partners as sales increase month on month.

With reports that 68.3% of men wished they had a bigger penis and many have gone to extreme lengths to achieve a little more length, including risky surgical penile lengthening procedures, the Magnum Rings offers a safe, natural and patented penis enlargement and enhancement system, and this proven system is backed by a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Produced and shipped from the US, Magnum Rings have recently updated the packaging to offer an amazing product that looks great on the shelf or online.

Founder Jack Armstrong said “The Magnum Rings system is seeing great results for our clients and we are looking to offer this safe natural proven penis enlargement system to a wider audience by welcoming new distribution partners onboard”

One major factor in the Magnum Rings appeal to clients is the no questions asked money back guarantee, and a guarantee that the company has not been asked to pay out on yet.

If you are interested in stocking the Magnum Rings penis enlargement system please contact Jack on

About Magnum Rings

Jack Armstrong founded and developed Magnum Rings back in 2008 after an interest in how the body could naturally be developed through body modification and researched if the penis could also be treated in the same manner. After much research and development, the Magnum Rings patented system was launched.

Over the years and with thousands of men helped from around the globe Magnum Rings Penis goes from strength to strength.