At last, a toy I could not sit still while testing out. Yeah, I know you’re thinking, “You sit still when you review a toy?” Yes, I do because I want to feel what it does before I put pen to paper (or, really, fingers to keyboard). But this one is different on so many levels!

It’s basically four different attachments that screw on to a base that provides suction to three cups: a small one for clitoral or nipple suction, a larger one for a larger breast (like a B cup), and a long, cylindrical tube for penis suction. Plus, there’s a multispeed, twirling dildo that screws into the center of the base, allowing for internal sensation while enjoying clitoral suction, too! When I had the spinning dildo in and the clit suction going, I was writhing like a newborn snake. Whew. An electronic wonder, for sure!