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Lady Gang, the stunning all natural 25 years old model from Czech Republic, who entered the adult industry in just 2020 and has made her marks by rapidly and actively performing in gang bangs, large group sex productions and with her specialty, double anal penetration known as the “infamous” DAP. Her successful growth is due in part to the extreme sex acts she executed with ease at the beginning of a career. This has made her stand out instantly in the European porn spectrum and SINematica couldn’t miss the opportunity to have Lady Gang in its ranks as a monthly MVP.

When talking about Lady Gang, SINematica head of Production said “Lady Gang is a phenomenal model with focus and good intent with her genuine ability to perform extreme acts. What we did in this vignette, is have an experts on hand in double anal penetration in the newly published author Erik Everhard and Czech veteran Kristof Cale. They talk about how difficult and technical it is to perform « DAP » and that it should not be done at home as it is strictly for professionals. It made sense to crown Lady Gang as January MVP we’re glad we can showcase this to porn lovers”

In fact, some viewers could be repulsed or overwhelmed by such an act, but in this case the entire scene including most outrageous sex practice in the industry which starts with anal, then classic DP then on to double anal penetration is a mix of performance and pleasure. The approach was almost educational when listening to Erik Everhard explain this topic. Even among top adult performers, the DAP practise is not a mandatory skill for them. Only a few can perform it due to its strangeness and rarity.

On talking to Erik about this SINematica scene, he said “So in my new book, “UNLEASH YOUR SEXUAL SUPERPOWERS” the concept of tougher sexual acts such as DP’s and Double Anal were not included. This was mainly because these particular skills go outside of what the general population is trying to achieve in the bedroom. However, there are a few ground rules when it comes to Double Anal that I think should be adhered to if one wants to attempt this at home. 1) High quality silicone lube or Vaseline. Friction and stretched buttholes do not mix. 2) Proper pre-stretching through the use of a Butt plug or through the woman getting used to just one dick inside. And 3) an alternating piston like rhythm instead of trying to get both dicks pushing inward at the same time”.

On talking with Lady Gang, she said “I started 8 month ago, so I’m a newbie, but so far I love the industry because I can be whoever I want and it makes me happy and of course I love sex. When it came to this scene, with the cameras rolling with SINematica, it was exciting and it kind of turned into an experiment. Overall great energy, great male actors and great creative session. Hope we do this again!”

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