Dublin – Ireland

SINematica’s first anniversary is getting closer and closer, and at this occasion a new step is being taken. The company adds a new director to the production team, bringing a new visual experience to its audience.

Cosmo Liveti’s background as a moviemaker for non-adult projects, and his positive experience in directing adult feature movies for french TV Canal+, led SINematica to sign him to direct a new line of vignettes. Head of production at SINematica said “We needed someone with an acute cinematographic eye, but also able to lead an adult X-rated project with passion and an high hardcore level, Cosmo fits this perfectly”. 

Cosmo Liveti’s last noticeable achievement is Sicalipsis, a big-budget thriller shot on Ibiza island and premiering on Canal+ last year and which got nominated in 5 categories at the AVN 2021 competition. Amongst them, the Best Directing – Foreign Production category. Cosmo said about this “Getting nominated was such an honour. I was really overwhelmed to be part of a competition bringing together the best artists in our industry”.

Cosmo contunies about his new partnership with SINematica “Now, I get the unique chance to be signed by SINematica, which is a brand I follow since their first steps. I can explore new ideas, new directing technics, and they really let me do what I want. It’s an unique time to be creative and taking my art to a next level”.

Cosmo is already planning his first shoots for SINematica and looking forward to bringing his style for all to see.

You can follow Cosmo on twitter @ https://twitter.com/CosmoLiveti

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