BranditScan Launches Valentine's Premium Membership Giveaway

MONTREAL — Content and privacy protector BranditScan is giving away a pair of premium memberships for Valentine’s Day.

The promo event launches today and is “all about creators protecting themselves and a bestie with BranditScan’s Premium Plan,” a rep explained. “Entering in the giveaway is simple; creators will tag a bestie in the comments on BranditScan’s social media post and two lucky winners will be chosen for the prize.”

The Premium Plan gives creators to the ability to send bulk DMCAs, de-list from Google and Bing and, noted the rep, “control their brand all with a few clicks of a button.”

Content creator Cattie Cadescent, in her struggle with online privacy, has become an advocate for the Premium Plan and has sent over 5,800 DMCAs to date.

She noted her favorite aspect of the feature is the ability to “take down imposter social media accounts, photos, GIFs and more — not only videos.”

“It’s reassuring that all of my content is secured,” she added.

For additional details, and to participate in the giveaway, follow BranditScan on Twitter and Instagram; the winners will be announced on social media February 15.

Learn more about BranditScan here.