Tenga to Launch Rocket Into Space This Summer

TOKYO — During a press conference last month, Tenga announced the “Tenga Rocket Project” in partnership with Japanese space development startup Interstellar Technologies (IST).

According to the company, “Tenga Rocket Project” is a project in which Tenga will be funding the launch of IST’s ballistic observation rocket “MOMO,” alongside the sale of multiple cross-collaboration items as part of a larger launch promotion to be sold on Tenga’s Japanese e-commerce and multiple pop-up shops across Japan.

Tenga says that as part of the project, a Tenga-shaped message pod carrying 1,000 messages from crowdfunding supporters will be carried in the rocket and jettisoned into space. Additionally, Tenga’s mascot “Tenga Robo” and its partner mascot “Egg Dog” will be ejected from the rocket into space, eventually to return back to earth — which the company says, if successfully retrieved, would be a first for a privately owned business outside of the U.S.

A Tenga Cup-shaped tracking device also will be loaded inside the rocket to accumulate data of the conditions in space for the company to use to develop a sex toy that can be used in space.

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