Noir Male Launches BIPOC Directorial Training Program

MONTREAL — Noir Male is touting the launch of its Noir Male Directorial Training (NMDT) Program for BIPOC adult performers and has begun accepting applicants for the first six-month session.

“In an industry infamous for the further marginalization of minorities, Noir Male broke new ground for gay black men when it formed in 2018 and is committed to celebrating and championing voices and visions previously underrepresented in the adult industry,” a rep explained. “The creation of NMDT program is a further continuation and recommitment to elevating gay men of color, providing education and opportunities behind the camera in the adult industry.”

The NMDT program will be conducted in partnership with Jon Blitt, VP of parent company Mile High Media, and NuEric Taylor from Off the Clock Productions, who will take on the additional role of Noir Male Creative Director.

The idea was first seeded “during the tumultuous spring of 2020, both men wanted to enact true change within the adult industry, seeing the lack of diversity in adult production,” said the rep. “They committed to new diversity initiatives for the studio, laying the foundation that is now the NMDT Program. The six-month paid educational program introduces select adult performers to the basics of directing adult film and associated skills needed to produce film content. This program covers the role and responsibilities of the director in script development, pre-production, production and post-production. Applicants gain the tools to advance their careers beyond adult performing.”

Taylor expressed enthusiasm for the new initiative.

“Having the opportunity to be a part of this positive change in the adult entertainment film industry is very exciting,” Taylor said. “The NMDT Program will really empower talent to plan a career beyond performing. Training BIPOC the key skills it takes to be a successful director and screenwriter will open so many doors for them and will also assist in changing the narrative of all talent experiences on set.”

Noir Male Brand Ambassador Dillon Diaz was the first to participate in a pilot program for the NMDT.

Diaz, a 2021 XBIZ Awards nominee for “Gay Performer of the Year,” spoke to XBIZ about shifting behind the camera and effecting change in adult; click here to read that story.

“I’m very excited to have written and directed my first projects for Noir Male, a studio that I have had a long and nurturing relationship with,” he saud. “Working behind the camera, directing projects celebrating the progress and sexuality of men of color is incredibly fulfilling. I’ve learned so much about the directing process in such a short time.”

Click here for additional details about the program.

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