JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Cleis Press has announced the forthcoming release of sexpert Megan Stubbs’ “Playing Without a Partner: A Singles’ Guide to Sex, Dating and Happiness,” available May 11 on paperback and Kindle.

“There are more single adults in the U.S. now than ever before,” said a rep. “Whether single by choice or actively looking for a partner, single adults face unique challenges in their sexual and sensual lives. Sexologist and relationships expert Megan Stubbs is here to kill the stigma attached to single lifestyles and provide advice on how to not only embrace single sexuality but make the most of the time while single.”

The book is described as “not an advice book on how to find a partner to cure what ails you.” Instead, the rep explained, “this book recognizes that whether looking for a long-term partner, actively dating, or
happily single, there can be difficult aspects to single sexuality.”

“Playing Without a Partner” also offers “ways to optimize your pleasure, improve your interactions, feel sensual and erotic and have an empowered sex life while still single.”

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