Sabrina Night Named xxxNifty Brand Ambassador

BARCELONA — Sabrina Night has signed on as a brand ambassador for the new adult Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform xxxNifty.

“Brand ambassadors will use existing media or create new unique content and release it as an NFT,” explained a rep. “Fans can buy this artwork and possibly get a custom video, access the content creator’s OnlyFans and [acquire] the toy used to make the content. Content creators can develop many creative options to make their NFT even more valuable and establish an even closer relationship with their fans.”

Night will have her own NFT, which will release in the next month or so, and join other featured artists and ambassadors.

xxxNifty also recently released their crypto token called $NSFW, which can be used to buy NFTs, tip creators and access exclusive content.

“I’m very excited about my partnership with xxxNifty and all the potential creativity and exclusivity that I can put into my NFT artwork and the other benefits that I can offer my fans who buy them,” said Night. “I also like the idea of making the passive income stream of the royalty fee percentage — there’s nothing else I do that offers that option.”

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