Children Learning Reading Program

Teach Your Child to Read Today!

There are many different methods and opinions on how to teach a child to read – while all are well-intentioned, some methods could actually lead to reading difficulties in children. Learning to read is a critical step towards future academic success and later on success in life. If you cannot read, you cannot succeed. There is an amazingly simple method – actually, a combination of two methods – that can teach anyone to read, even children as young as 2 and 3 years old.

The combination of these two methods has been used in the Children Learning Reading program to successfully teach thousands of young children to read.

In a 7 year study conducted by the Scottish Education Department, 300 students were taught using either analytic phonics or synthetic phonics. The results found that the synthetic phonics group were reading 7 months ahead and spelling 8 to 9 months ahead of the other phonics groups. At the end of the 7 year study, the children were reading 3.5 years ahead of their chronological age.

Whether you have a toddler, a pre-schooler, a kindergartener/ reception, or an early school child, the Children Learning Reading program will enable you to effectively teach your child to decode and read phonetically. The lessons are taught in a logical and sequential order of learning, and the step-by-step lessons make it super easy for you to teach your child and enable your child to become a fast and fluent reader.

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